At Cascade Architectural, we take pride in our processes – assisting architects and designers from the moment they inquire with us for a solution.

At the core of our organization is the sincere desire to promote and encourage new architectural applications. We achieve this with a flexible product like Fabricoil coiled wire fabric that gives the creative minds of architects and designers free rein to accomplish visually ambitious designs.

Design Assistance

Share your functional, performance, and visual criteria for Fabricoil® coiled wire mesh systems for your project and Cascade Architectural will work closely with your team to identify the best combination of Fabricoil® and attachment hardware to meet them. Our architectural representatives can walk you through your options and help you maximize the functional value of your concepts.

Engineering & Manufacturing

After careful coordination and planning with you and your design team, Cascade Architectural’s skilled wire workers manufacture the fabric at our factory in Tualatin, Oregon. The raw wire and other system component parts that go into creating your unique architectural systems are all sourced from American manufacturers and suppliers. Cascade also offers customers the highest level of engineering support to meet the performance requirements of any architectural application.

Shipping & Delivery

As 95% or more of Cascade Architectural products are manufactured to custom specifications, domestic manufacturing and sourcing is a must to guarantee reliable and timely product delivery. Cascade distributes about 40% of our products globally – producing and shipping systems to the Middle East, China, Mexico, Europe, Australia, and the rest of the world.

Cascade’s pre-engineered coiled wire fabric systems are expertly fabricated at our facility, shipped complete, and delivered ready to install – saving time and money for contractors and installers.

Project Supervision

We provide project supervision and installation methodology support to ensure that your Cascade system is integrated successfully. Whether your job requires coiled wire fabric for small-scale interiors or large-scale exteriors, our highly trained professionals are committed to providing beautiful, versatile, and cost-effective systems for any architectural function or application.

Research & Development

We possess decades of experience in pioneering the coiled wire fabric market. More recently, we have placed additional emphasis on our research and development programs to ensure dependable systems that precisely meet the design and performance specifications of your job.

Our team of engineers is dedicated to designing, prototyping, and testing new ideas to continually improve our coiled wire fabric and attachment systems. We take this same approach with each new job – doing our research and collaborating with your team to develop the ideal system.


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