Since 1987, Cascade Coil has offered woven wire fabrics that have fueled the imaginations of architects and interior designers while offering significant building performance and environmental benefits. Find out about our eco-friendly processes and products, plus the measures that Cascade Coil takes for a sustainable future.

Energy Performance

  • Independent testing shows reduced energy consumption by up to 3.3% for interior window/glazing applications
  • Independent testing shows reduced energy consumption by up to 12.3% for exterior applications
  • We produce effective products for retrofit projects where high performance glazing has not been installed

Occupant Comfort

  • Significant increase in the thermal comfort of occupants in both interior and exterior applications by mitigating the effects of direct sunlight and cooling down spaces
  • Increased visual comfort
  • Minimize glare without reducing views and illumination


  • Living Building Challenge Red List Free
  • Declare Labels with the International Living Future Institute
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Low carbon footprint – domestically sourced, durable, and easy to maintain
  • No toxic chemicals are used in the manufacturing process
  • Eco-friendly powder coatings – contain no solvents and emit no negligible, if any, polluting VOCs. Powder Coatings can be recycled and reused, generating zero hazardous waste

Lean Manufacturing

  • VALUE: We closely collaborate with our customers to deliver the most efficient solutions that satisfy both aesthetic and functional requirements – from the very first conversation until final installation. Through a deep understanding of your needs, we are able to provide the best value and reach your goals.
  • VALUE STREAM: By actively looking for inefficiencies in our processes, we continuously reduce waste and improve our manufacturing methods. These savings create value for Cascade that we can pass along to customers through affordable solutions.
  • FLOW: By closely monitoring our sales, manufacturing, and administrative processes, we ensure that there are no delays or bottlenecks. As a result, our products and services flow smoothly – directly to you.
  • PULL: By mastering the previous three steps, we significantly improve our delivery process so our customers receive their product on time, every time.
  • DEMAND PERFECTION – We demand perfection from ourselves and make “lean” thinking a part of our identity. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve by gaining efficiencies, reducing waste, and delivering the best value to each customer.

Complies with the Living Building Challenge & Determined to be Red List Free

Living Building Challenge

Cascade Coil Drapery has voluntarily disclosed product ingredients, sources, and manufacturing locations via Declare. Cascade Coil Drapery meets the stringent requirements of the Living Building Challenge. No toxic Red List chemicals are used in the manufacturing process.


Over 90% of manufacturing waste is recycled. Cascade Coil’s manufacturing facility has made significant improvements to reduce energy and increase employee comfort. Also, due to the demand for environmentally sustainable interior and exterior elements, Cascade Coil has always made a concerted effort to use recycled materials, which meet or exceed industry manufacturing standards. We source our wire from manufacturers who use a high percentage of recycled content, some as high as 90% scrap base.

Our manufacturing process uses minimal energy, no toxic chemicals or solvents, and produces almost no scrap (the small amount of scrap produced is recycled). In addition, paint fume emissions are substantially lower than the Oregon State Department of Environmental Quality standards, and many of our natural wire finishes require no painting at all.

Durable & Low-Maintenance Products

Fabricoil® is a permanent material that’s lightweight and easy to install. The fabric is flameproof, has a low life cycle cost, and is ideal for public area applications due to its superior strength. It is also low maintenance – the powder coated and low-VOC clear lacquer finishes will not fade or darken and the material tends to shed dust

If the need for cleaning should arise, Cascade Coil recommends compliance with the AAMA 609 & 610 cleaning and maintenance guide for architecturally finished aluminum. Panels may also be brushed or vacuumed if necessary. If the material somehow becomes dirty and the above methods are not sufficient, it may be cleaned with a mild detergent and water, such as Ivory. Do not use harsh chemicals on the mesh. It could weaken and remove the coatings or discolor the wire itself.

Future Offerings

Cascade Coil is in the process of verifying manufacturing compliance, to meet or exceed requirements specified in AAMA 2605-13 Voluntary Specification, Performance Requirements and Test Procedures for Superior Performing Organic Coatings on Architectural Aluminum Extrusions and Panels.


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