Fabricoil Coiled Wire Fabric Metal Mesh Curtains Partitioning Spaces at the SoFi Stadium Preview Center and LA Stadium & Entertainment District

Check out Fabricoil throughout the video from Advent as they review their work supporting the LA stadium's reimagined sales center in advance of the 298-acre complex's opening in 2020

The LA Stadium and Entertainment District is an unprecedented stadium venture. Built for two NFL teams and surrounded by a district of parks, hotels, retail, offices and residential real estate, it required an unprecedented sales center to drive revenue and buzz. Before the 298-acre complex was scheduled to open in 2020, stadium stakeholders needed to build excitement early and maintain it for years and looked to Advent to create an innovative, immersive experience that would entice VIPs and consolidate Los Angeles around such a large endeavor.

Cascade Architectural is proud to have been a part of how that mission was executed for the Los Angeles Rams and Chargers reimagined sales center responsible for driving hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. The virtual experience and 30x40' white campus model animated by projection mapping was showcased in a way that made sales staff's work easy and navigable—with individual information kiosks and a private conference room providing ample opportunity for conversation and human touch. Incorporating many of the high-end materials used in the stadium itself, Fabricoil coiled wire fabric from Cascade Architectural was selected for a key metal mesh curtain application, partitioning the large open areas of the sales center with a series of movable dividers that draw your eye to essential areas within the space while adding beauty to the space in conjunction with colorful lighting arrays.

In SoFi Stadium itself, nearly 19,000 sq. ft. of 5/16" 14 gauge aluminum Fabricoil coiled wire fabric is installed throughout the interior, mounted to Cascade's steel Secura Track (the perfect solution for interior dividers and partitions) and finished in our Brite Pearly Grey powder-coated finish for an incredibly durable, yet natural look. The design and material specification there were completed by the team at HKS Inc. and installed by Phillips Draperies back in 2019-20.

In addition to the photos shown here from Advent, be sure to check out their video, as well, to see more moving images from the space and get the full experience from the Preview Center, but for an even better experience, you've got to visit SoFi Stadium itself in person where you'll see Fabricoil used throughout the stadium.

(Images, video screen capture, and excerpts taken from Advent's website here, the group responsible for the SoFi Stadium Preview Center work.)

Published on
March 13, 2024


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